Tyronn Lue makes joke about LeBron to explain why he won't let Cavs players coach

Steve Kerr's decision to let the Golden State Warriors players coach during Monday's 46-point win over the Phoenix Suns has caused quite a debate.

Most fall on Kerr's side, saying that a coach has to do whatever he can to get his team motivated. Others, like veteran Suns forward Jared Dudley, took it as a sign of disrespect.

One coach who won't be letting his players coach any time soon is Tyronn Lue of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it has nothing to do with respect. He told reporters on Tuesday that he doesn't want to feed into the rumors that LeBron James is really the one calling the shots on the sideline.

"I wouldn't do that," Lue said before Tuesday's matchup between the Cavs and the Oklahoma City Thunder, via ESPN's Royce Young. "They already say LeBron's coaching the team anyway, so if I give him the clipboard they're really gonna say that."

LeBron has been characterized as everything from de facto head coach to general manger for the Cavs, so it's nice to see that Lue has a sense of humor about it. Lue has his work cut out for him in the coming months, with four new players he has to incorporate into his system so that they're humming by the time the postseason rolls around.

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