Injuries have started popping up, preseason has begun, and early signs are driving bettors to the books. It has been two weeks since the open of the team over/under odds for each team's win total, and there has been some movement. From the Westgate Super Book in Las Vegas:

Team Over/Under Change from 9/20
Atlanta Hawks 44 ⬆︎0.5
Boston Celtics 52.5 ⬆︎1.0
Brooklyn Nets 21.5 ⬆︎1.0
Charlotte Hornets 40.5 ⬆︎1.0
Chicago Bulls 38.5 NO CHANGE
Cleveland Cavaliers 56.5 NO CHANGE
Dallas Mavericks 39 ⬇0.5
Denver Nuggets 36.5 ⬆︎2.0
Detroit Pistons 46 ⬆︎0.5
Golden State Warriors 66.5 NO CHANGE
Houston Rockets 43.5 ⬆︎2.0
Indiana Pacers 45 ⬆︎1.5
Los Angeles Clippers 54 ⬆︎0.5
Los Angeles Lakers 25 ⬆︎0.5
Memphis Grizzlies 43.5 NO CHANGE
Miami Heat 35 ⬇︎1.5
Milwaukee Bucks 36 ⬇︎3.5
Minnesota Timberwolves 41.5 NO CHANGE
New Orleans Pelicans 36.5 NO CHANGE
New York Knicks 40 ⬆︎1.5
Oklahoma City Thunder 45.5 NO CHANGE
Orlando Magic 36.5 NO CHANGE
Philadelphia 76ers OFF THE BOARD OFF THE BOARD
Phoenix Suns 28.5 ⬆︎2.0
Portland Trail Blazers 45.5 ⬇︎1.5
Sacramento Kings 32.5 NO CHANGE
San Antonio Spurs 57.5 ⬆︎1.0
Toronto Raptors 50.6 ⬆︎1.0
Utah Jazz 47.5 NO CHANGE
Washington Wizards 42.5 NO CHANGE


  • The Nuggets must have had the public hammer their over to jump two wins. They were an easy mark for the over, just as they were last year.
  • The Trail Blazers dropping 1.5 is interesting, given that they have no major injuries outside of Festus Ezeli and still look like a playoff team.
  • Houston jumping two isn't surprising; every word out of camp has been positive when it comes to the team embracing Mike D'Antoni's system.
  • The Bucks took the biggest tumble after the Khris Middleton injury.
  • The Chris Bosh news knocks the Heat down, and they might be a nice over bet at this point. If Erik Spoelstra can just pull them into a halfway decent squad relative to talent level, they'll be within striking distance.
  • I liked the Spurs under before. I really like it at 57.5. However, I cannot tell you to go that route, because it is the Spurs and betting against the Spurs should be forbidden under any and every circumstance.

As for the NBA championship odds, there's no way to justify putting money on anyone but the Cavaliers or Warriors, and the return isn't great. But if you were curious, here's the top 10:

Golden State Warriors5-7
Cleveland Cavaliers5-2
San Antonio Spurs6-1
Los Angeles Clippers20-1
Boston Celtics20-1
Oklahoma City Thunder30-1
Toronto Raptors40-1
Atlanta Hawks60-1
New York Knicks60-1


  • The Knicks: LOL.
  • The Spurs at 6-1 isn't bad return, but then, you're banking on them to win in the first season after Duncan retired, with Pau Gasol trying to defend regularly in the pick and roll and arguably a worse bench.
  • The Clippers at 20-1 is solid. They've given the Warriors trouble historically. They're still unlikely to win, but at 20-1, that's good enough to take a swing at.
  • The books LOVE Boston. Their 8-1 odds to win the East are probably better, though. That's basically a "LeBron gets hurt" hedge.

The Warriors, with Kevin Durant, are now +700 to win 74 games or more this season, in what seems like a criminal odd set, given how good they were last season and they just added Durant, but the team seems adamant they won't chase the record this campaign.