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No. 1 overall pick Victor Wembanyama gave us a two-game glimpse into the future during NBA Summer League. That was mid-July, and we pretty much hadn't heard his name since. It was the dead zone of the NBA schedule, and Wembanyama, who has had a long year with his previous commitments overseas, took full advantage. 

"After summer league, I did get away from pretty much everything for some time, for a couple weeks," Wembanyama told reporters during the Spurs' media day on Monday. "That restored me totally. I often like to think the best players are the ones who work the hardest, but you also need to know how to rest the hardest. And I rested hard as hell for a couple weeks. 

Wembanyama did, of course, get back to work eventually, and when he did, it sounds like he got a lot of constructive work done in terms of building up his body and skillset for the NBA game and grind. 

"I've been working better than at any other moment in my life, harder, but also smarter," Wembanyama said. "I think this offseason will make a difference, not just for the upcoming season, but the work we've done is going to impact my next few years I think."

A lot of people are worried about Wembanyama's slight frame. Generally speaking, I think that's an old, tired critique that dates back to another era of NBA basketball. Today's game is about skill and fluidity. Having said that, yes, Wembayama needs to add some size and strength, and he says he's done so by gaining "10-15 pounds" since he's been in San Antonio. 

"I'm trying to stop there," Wembanayama said of his weight gain. "I'm trying to not add too much too quick. We're on a good path. My conditioning and physical condition are way, way better than any time before in my life, so we're good."