VIDEO: Andre Iguodala is going to love playing for the Warriors

Andre Iguodala found the perfect fit for what he's good at doing in the NBA last season when he was traded to the Denver Nuggets. After George Karl was fired this offseason, he needed a new home in which he could do the things he's so good at and not have extended roles like trying to lead an offense get in the way of what he does so well.

Deciding to sign with the Golden State Warriors allowed Iguodala to focus on defense, spacing on offense, and finishing plays like the half court alley-oop from Stephen Curry. In fact, he should get a lot of these types of plays because with Klay Thompson and Curry on the court, transition defenses will be worried about giving up the 3-point shot as the defense is scrambling and leave the lob to Iguodala filling the lane wide-open.

He even was able to run the floor with Marreese Speights and Kent Bazemore leading a fast break as Iguodala proved hustling down the floor will get you easy scoring opportunities. He's going to fit in just fine in the Bay Area.

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