VIDEO: Andre Iguodala tours China with SlamBall team

Andre Iguodala just signed a big fat new deal with the Warriors, in part because he's very much interested in the tech savvy environment. He's a smart guy looking to expand his portfolio. That includes investing in China like a lot of players do, and recently, Iguodala accompanied a SlamBall team on a tour.

SlamBall in China hosted by NBA All-Star Andre Iguodala on Vimeo.

China's become a monster priority for players looking to expand their brands. Players regularly tour China in the summer, including Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and Carmelo Anthony. It's become the No. 1 targeted market for players looking to make more of a global impact. Iguodala's investment only makes sense, particularly after joining a more high-profile team in the Warriors.

You can tell that Iguodala was being careful on the trampolines there. I wonder if "Player is not allowed to participate in basketball game featuring multiple trampolines" is in his contract? Players are allowed to play in Pro-Am regular basketball games after all. Is there more risk of injury in the padded SlamBall environment? 

I also got to thinking what are the players you'd most want to see play SlamBall. Nate Robinson was my first thought. Russell Westbrook is an interesting idea but I'm worried he'd jump so high he'd get stuck in the roof. Andre Drummond would be my big man of choice to defend the rim. 

Worst SlamBall player? Andre Miller. Old Man Game and SlamBall don't mix. 

Courtesy of Mandalay Sports Media.

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