Video: Blake Griffin dives into crowd and injures young fan

Sitting courtside at a game Blake Griffin is playing in could be hazardous to your health.

Midway through the third quarter Griffin, who is known for his relentless energy and hustle, tracked down a pass headed out of bounds, diving over a table and landing square on a group of fans.

One of which included a little boy wearing his jersey.

As play continued on, Griffin remained in the crowd checking on the fans he was crushed with his 6-foot-10, 280-pound body. Everyone seemed to be mostly fine, except the boy in the Griffin jersey who appeared to be crying and then exited the floor.

This wasn't Griffin's first journey over a table. His sophomore year at Oklahoma he went soaring over one in a game at Texas Tech, which was actually his first game back after suffering a concussion a few days before.

Two things about this one though:

1) What a play. Seriously, incredible save. Especially, again, when you consider Griffin is 6-10, 280 pounds. That's almost as impressive an athletic move as one of his posters.

2) Kudos to Griffin for not rushing to get back in the game. He clearly was concerned about the fans he just put in danger by flinging his giant self at them. Chris Paul eventually called timeout, but Griffin obviously wasn't thinking about jumping back onto the floor without first trying to confirm everyone was (mostly) OK.

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