VIDEO: Blake Griffin hits Chandler Parsons with a low blow

Beware of Blake Griffin. He's known for his vicious posters, but he's far more dangerous in a postgame handshake line.

Following the Clippers-Rockets game way back on Jan. 15, Griffin got Chandler Parsons with a subtle but blatant ... tap.

Why is Parsons outing Griffin for his move now? That motive is unclear (possibly because the video only surfaced on YouTube on Thursday), but here's the tweet that Parsons used to make the world aware:

Griffin responded within minutes with his excuse:

Now, before you get all huffy and yell at Griffin, understand that he and Parsons are good pals. So much that Griffin named his dog "Channy," after, you guess it, Chandler Parsons.

One thing's for sure, though: The next time that the Rockets and Clippers meet, Griffin might find it wise to wear a cup. Tapbacks are, well, you know.

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