VIDEO: Blake Griffin puts on a show with fancy dribbling, passing

Whenever you've got a blowout in the NBA, you have to hope you're at least being dazzled by fun highlights. When it comes to a game in which the Los Angeles Clippers are blowing out their opponent, you know fun highlights are a lock. In Saturday's blowout victory over the New Orleans Pelicans, Blake Griffin gave us a pretty great highlight that involved a behind-the-back dribble, a spin move against Brian Roberts, and a behind-the-back pass out to Matt Barnes on the perimeter. 

Barnes tried to make the extra pass for a Chris Paul 3-pointer, but Paul gave it right back to Barnes, who buried the three. It's funny that CP3 ends up getting the assist on this play, even though Griffin really set him up for the 3-point shot. Regardless, watch more Clippers games because Griffin is a highlight machine.

CBS Sports Writer

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