VIDEO: Blake Griffin's new Jordan ad keeps your percentages up

The new Jordan ad for Blake Griffin is putting the Los Angeles Clippers' star and a young man with a lot of confidence in his shot together on the court for a winning combination. Blake Griffin reluctantly teams up with "D'Arryl Drain." Drain is a shooting guard who has a similar shot motion of Kevin Martin and the success rate of Reggie Theus' coaching career.

But with Griffin on your team, the idea is that there are no misses because he'll clean them up and make them look like lob passes from your hands to his highlight reel. It's a pretty fun campaign and allows us to watch Griffin do what he does best: dunk in really cool ways. 

Perhaps, this will translate to the regular season in 2013-14 with the Clippers and Blake Griffin will be able to turn his teammates' errant shots into incredible highlights. I wonder if DeAndre Jordan at the free throw line could use a little help from Blake Griffin...

CBS Sports Writer

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