VIDEO: Blazers' Damian Lillard buries the Pistons with game-winner

The Detroit Pistons couldn't close out the Portland Trail Blazers in regulation. The Pistons were up 99-97 when Damian Lillard missed the second of two free throws, giving Detroit a huge rebounding opportunity. Instead of securing the board, the Pistons knocked the ball out of bounds and allowed the Blazers to retain possession. They got a stop on a missed 3-pointer by Nicolas Batum before fouling Wesley Matthews on the play and allowing him to tie the game with 30 seconds left.

Those two missed rebounding opportunities kept the door open, helped get the game to overtime. In OT, Lillard was given the chance to shut the door with possession and 13 seconds left. Lillard turned a pick-and-roll into an isolation play against Rodney Stuckey, and won the game on a pull-up jumper after a spin move. He finished with 23 points as the Blazers improved to 21-4 on the season.

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