VIDEO: Bradley Beal winning layup vs. Knicks as New York... uh...

The Knicks battled, and looked like they had it won. They were up four late in the fourth quarter vs. the Wizards. But then Bradley Beal nailed a stepback to cut it to one. In a tied game, Beno Udrih hit one of two free throws to put the Knicks up one. The Wizards would inbound from far court, the Knicks would have one timeout remaining if the Wizards scored. 

Then Bradley Beal happened. 

Then... the Knicks happened. 

First off, good job by Beal not to settle for the jumper and to attack the rim. Second, what in the holy hell, Knicks? Where are you on the drive? Why didn't Woodson call timeout? Why didn't Melo call timeout when he crossed the timeline? Why did he take that shot? What just happened? The Knicks were one possession away from a win and feeling good about themselves. 

Instead, it somehow got worse. 

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