VIDEO: Breaking down the Spurs' new HEB commercials

I have a long and established history of loving the San Antonio Spurs commercials for the Texas grocery store chain H-E-B. So when the chain unveiled this season's batch, with new star Kawhi Leonard getting in on the action, I had to do a breakdown. 

"One For Each" 

High point: Tony's softening tone when he says "No... because I relish our friendship." 

Low point: Repeating the "whatever" joke from Parker. Would have been better as just a dismissal of Leonard. 

Grade: B-


High point: Parker and Ginobil wearing their uniform shorts under the robes. 

Close second high point: "Indubitably" complete with Leonard's hand gesture.

Low point: The extended "Yes... Indeed..." sequence.

Grade: A-

"Laundry Sorting"

High point: "This is just how I do it, man." Leonard's understated manner is killer in these things, made all the better if you've ever had to interview him post game and listen to his four-word, mumbling answers. Also... KAWHI SMILES HERE. I didn't know that was a thing that happened, ever. 

Low point: The delicates joke, I guess, but I still laughed, especially at Parker's reaction. 

Grade: A+, a future underrated masterpiece. 

"Tough Talk" 

High point: "It's good..." I was dead. Just dead, on the floor, being dead. It made me the deadest I could be from laughing. 

Second high point: The coyote's consternation.

Third high point: Man and Tony's "Pow!" and "Bam!" 

Low point: None. 

Grade: A++

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