VIDEO: Brent Barry raps for The Basketball Jones' 1,000th episode

The Basketball Jones' podcast has been a staple for the online basketball community for years. With J.E. Skeets, Tas Melas, Trey Kerby, Jason Doyle, Matt Osten and Leigh Ellis providing entertaining content about the NBA Monday through Friday, they've really helped a lot of people learn about the game of basketball while making it a lot of fun in the process.

As a tribute to their 1,000th episode, which takes place on Wednesday, former NBA player Brent Barry did a rap video to pay tribute to the long running podcast. In it, he fires off the names of every NBA player with the last name Jones who has ever played in the NBA. TNT Inside the NBA host Ernie Johnson gives the intro, and there's even a special guest at the end to give the outro.

Congratulations to The Basketball Jones on 1,000 great episodes. 

(H/T - The Basketball Jones, of course)

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