VIDEO: Bucks' mascot scares Lakers' Dwight Howard

Before the Los Angeles Lakers' loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday night, the Bucks' mascot, Bango, got in on a little hijinx with Dwight Howard.

As Howard was walking from the team bus through the tunnel to the locker room, an inflatable version of Bango was waiting in the hallway for the unsuspecting Lakers center. Howard jumped a bit from the scare but seemed appreciative of the prank. 

How popular are inflatable mascots today? They can jump out and scare any player, and the only response will be, "Oooh, that was a good one!"

The Lakers went on to lose the game 113-103, and Howard had 15 points and 15 rebounds. He made just 3-of-10 from the free-throw line. The Lakers are now 0-1 when opposing inflatable mascots scare their center before the game.

CBS Sports Writer

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