VIDEO: Bulls, Blazers get into a skirmish after Dunleavy flagrant

With the Portland Trail Blazers handling the Chicago Bulls in the third quarter of their Friday night contest, Mike Dunleavy pushed Damian Lillard on a 3-point shot in a move that had nothing to do with basketball. Perhaps it was frustration setting in from a rough night for Dunleavy and the Bulls, but whatever the motivation was resulted in a flagrant-1 foul by Dunleavy and technical fouls by Wesley Matthews and Aaron Brooks.

The Blazers were up 63-45 just a couple minutes into the third quarter when the shove occurred. Matthews immediately went over to Dunleavy and pushed him for the unnecessary foul against his teammate. Then Brooks stepped in to back up Dunleavy. The technicals on Matthews and Brooks essentially offset each other and Lillard went to the free throw line for three shots and the Blazers retained possession.

Lillard knocked down all three free throws, and then LaMarcus Aldridge scored two more free throws on the possession following a foul on Joakim Noah

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