Video: Butler trolls Valanciunas with fake handshake steal

This is one of those plays that will reveal how seriously you take competition. You may consider this a classless, unnecessary move by a player who was down 27 points. Or, you may consider this a veteran clowning a rookie in a meaningless game in January, because he can.

I lean towards the "don't take yourself too seriously" but there are arguments to be made either way. 

The Raptors had the ball up 98-71 over the Clippers. Rookie C Jonas Valanciunas held the ball at mid-court as time was running out. Clippers F Caron Butler casually walked up to him and extended his hand in a friendly post-game handshake. And then...

Cold, Caron. Valanciunas was not happy about it after the game.

C'mon, Jonas. You're a rook. These things happen. Butler's not proving a point, he's lost more than his fair share of regular season games. Personally, I just think it's funny. The Raptors, not so much. 

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