VIDEO: Carmelo Anthony is in a bad place about the Knicks

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Usually, I'm pretty hard on players about how they handle free agency. They don't want to answer questions about it? Sign an extension, say you plan to re-sign, make it clear through "sources" you're going to re-sign, whatever. If you want to leave the future open, you have to expect questions about that. 

But at this point, I feel for Carmelo Anthony. The guy is trapped in the worst season of his career, and every loss somehow becomes more excuciating than the last for the New York Knicks ... and they're not even close losses. After getting blown out once again on national television to Joakim Noah and a bunch of guys who would not start on most teams (Carlos Boozer and Jimmy Butler you can make a case for), Anthony spoke with reporters. He as asked about signs behind the benches that said "Melo to Chicago" and that lead to a conversation about this future. And his answers ...

They are sad.

You just want to hug the guy.

Don't get me wrong, Melo asked for this. He forced the trade to New York, his agency (CAA) stocked their ranks with its people. They fired Mike D'Antoni to make him happy, and there are strong suggestions that they let Jeremy Lin walk for the same reason. He has a hand in this mess. But this mess?

And then to top it all off, he has to deal with these questions every day and try not to throw his teammates under the bus. 

Things have gone from bad to worse to sad in New York. And now it seems like they're just running out the clock. 

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