Video: Celtics fans chant for four minutes in Game 6 blowout

You could call it the Boston version of "Good Job, Good Effort."

After LeBron James and the Miami Heat completely obliterated the Celtics in Game 6, what fans remained in TD Garden stood and chanted "Let's go Celtics!" for over four minutes to finish the game.

The chant started with over a minute left on the game clock and it was obvious the fans were going to stick with it until the final buzzer, despite multiple stoppages.

It was impressive. And smart. With the Celtics off to Miami for a Game 7, Boston fans very well may have seen not only the last of this season's Celtics, but the last of the Boston Big 3 as we know it. There are decisions coming and this might've been the last run.

Said Ray Allen: "Kevin [Garnett] was sitting next to me and I said that these, I know I am biased, but the best fans that I've ever played in front of, ever seen, in my life. They understand the situation that is before us. And we understand it. That was, basically, they were sending us off. Letting us know, hey, this is still well and alive. We need you guys to go down there and get a win for us. So, we all felt it on the bench.

"You know, I know the game was going on," he continued. "It seemed like that three minutes lasted forever, but it was special. You know, I'll talk about that forever. Knowing that, being down 20 and these people are still standing up, cheering us on because they know we just have to win one game."

At the same time, you saw the best and worst of Celtic fans. While the passion and support in the closing minutes was inspiring and unbelievable, some moron threw some kind of beverage on LeBron as he walked into the tunnel.
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