VIDEO: Celtics' Jerryd Bayless warned for flopping violation

With roughly 3:15 left in the fourth quarter with his team down 10 points, newly acquired Boston Celtics' guard Jerryd Bayless must have felt he needed to figure out a way to get the ball back quickly and start a run for his team. Houston Rockets' guard Jeremy Lin was bringing the ball up the floor with Bayless hounding him right away. Dwight Howard stepped up to set a screen on Bayless.

Bayless then appeared to start acting out a hurricane scenario from an improv class in which the wind is blowing him all over the street as he attempts to walk home. Either that or he tried to catch a flop to get a call against Howard and get the ball back right away. The NBA saw right through his flop attempt and assessed him with a flop violation warning.

It's his first recgonized flop violation of the season. The next flopping violation will result in a $5,000 fine.

(H/T - The Point Forward)

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