VIDEO: Chelsea FC welcomes Nets' Kevin Garnett to London

The Brooklyn Nets are in London, England to take on the Atlanta Hawks. It's a way of continuing to promote the NBA in Europe while making teams endure some pretty big travel adjustments. There are some benefits to the long travel though, especially if you're Brooklyn Nets' forward Kevin Garnett.

For a long time now, Garnett has been a supporter of the Chelseas Football Club. The club took the opportunity with him in town to invite him over to check out the facilities, the team, and even gave him a little present. We often see Garnett trying to portray this rough and tough image with varying degrees of success. However, it's pretty cool to see him kind of giddy in this video, looking like a kid in a toy store.

Garnett was greeted by Andre Schurrle and Demba Ba from Chelsea and had some gifts for the Chelsea players. 

CBS Sports Writer

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