Video: Chris Paul can't overthrow Blake Griffin on an alley-oop

In the third quarter of Saturday's Phoenix Suns-Los Angeles Clippers game, Blake Griffin led and finished a fast break that left many speechless. 

There is a lot of simplicity to the alley-oop finish and yet its complexity is what we marvel at. Chris Paul threw a lob to Griffin and he finished it with one hand. He didn't dunk on anybody. He didn't windmill it home or double pump with the ball. He simply jumped, caught and flushed.

But the height of the pass seemed JaValian in nature. It looked way too high for anybody to catch, control, and complete, and yet that's exactly what Griffin did. It seems like he's been dunking a lot with his left hand lately, and he continued that trend on this alley-oop. Sometimes he makes the routine seem insane and the insane seem routine. He's just fun to watch.

CBS Sports Writer

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