VIDEO: Clippers' Chris Paul between-the-legs fake and score

It ultimately didn't mean anything because the Los Angeles Clippers were closed out by the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 6, but during one last desperate push by the Clippers to avoid elimination, Chris Paul put a great move on Quincy Pondexter

The Point God faked like he was dropping a pass between his own legs to a trailing Chauncey Billups on the left wing, corralled the dribble with the same hand, and began to blow by Pondexter before drawing a foul. He finished through the foul for the three-point play opportunity. Why Pondexter was worried about Billups receiving a pass in 2013 was just as confusing as the move Paul put on him.

The Grizzlies got the last laugh, though, with their 118-105 victory. They moved on to face the Oklahoma City Thunder in Round 2 starting Sunday.

We'll miss you, CP3. 

CBS Sports Writer

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