VIDEO: Cousins doesn't want team shaking hands with the Clippers

The Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Clippers had just finished a contentious game on Saturday. DeMarcus Cousins missed a potential game-winning jumper over DeAndre Jordan as the Kings fell to the Clippers by one point. After the buzzer sounded, both teams looked to congratulate each other on the competition they had just completed and to say goodbye to one another.

Cousins was not accepting of this sportly tradition. He pulled Isaiah Thomas away from Chris Paul before they could exchange pleasantries. You can even see Doc Rivers informing Kings rookie Ben McLemore that Cousins may be leading a mass exodus without hand-shaking in the background of the Vine video above. Cousins clearly is holding a grudge after two really good Kings-Clippers games this season and doesn't want to pretend these teams like each other.

The Kings' big man finished with 23 points, 19 rebounds, and seven assists but also picked up a technical foul on excessive contact with Blake Griffin following a whistle in the second half. There was a lot of battling down low throughout the game and tempers were on shaky ground throughout the game. 

Here's another angle of the pull-away by Cousins:

(H/T - @crabdribbles)

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