VIDEO: Damian Lillard is an awesome popcorn-slinger as well

In a new Adidas ad for the Boost campaign, Portland Trail Blazers' star Damian Lillard shows off he has other skills that extend further from the court. Throw him behind the concession stand at a movie theater and he'll sling popcorn around to customers with so much flare, Rachel Nichols will interview him about his performance following a successful serving. You can see the 3-point accuracy extends to the butter dispenser, as well. 

The new Boost technology Adidas is using in their Crazylight Boost shoes supposedly returns more energy from the cushioning of the shoe than any other cushioning system in the game. It could help Lillard have even more bounce and energy during games this season if the technology serves him properly. Here's an example of the Boost cushioning system Adidas released last week. It looks like witchcraft in this video:

Let's just hope he doesn't run into any nachos on the court.

CBS Sports Writer

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