Video: David Stern says President Obama 'not as good as he thinks he is'

David Stern, playing scout, summed up President Barack Obama's basketball ability simply: "He's not that good."

I'm pretty sure there's only one person on the planet who can get away with dogging on the president's game and that's David Stern.

"He's a lefty and he goes the same way every time," Stern said. "I'm a loyal Democrat. I'm a passionate Democrat. But he's not as good as he thinks he is."

Obama is well-known as a hooper, playing pickup quite a bit in his free time, as well as running with NBA players. Obama is kind of cocky about his game, even claiming once to crossing over Chris Paul.

"I got to know a lot of these guys because for my 49th birthday I had my own little All-Star Game here, right," Obama told Grantland. "So Chris was one of the guys who played and I did a little crossover on him and he claims he could've stolen the ball. Everybody who was there knows that's not true.

"My crossover is, solid," he said.

It might be. But according to Scout Stern, it's nothing special.

Via HoopsHype

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