VIDEO: Derrick Rose looks pretty good for USA Basketball

We all want to know if Chicago Bulls' star Derrick Rose is going to be the Rose of old, who was a blur on slow-mo replays and a guy that could have smothering athleticism for his opponents. Checking in on the USA Basketball exhibition against Brazil in Chicago, it looks like Rose is playing like his old self. With 4.6 seconds left in the first half, he took the ball nearly the length of the court and nailed the floater off the glass as time expired. 

But wait, there's more!

Rose showed off the quickness that makes him a terror in the half court. He went away from the screen, hit the defender with a quick crossover, and then danced in the air on his way to the left-handed layup. 

The speed is there. The quickness is there. Can't wait for the season to be here.

CBS Sports Writer

Zach Harper likes basketball. Some would even say he loves it. He's also an enthusiast for everything Ricky Davis, Rasheed Wallace, Nic Cage, and has seen the movie Gigli almost three times. He's been... Full Bio

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