VIDEO: Don't try and shake DeMarcus Cousins' hand, Clippers

If you try and shake DeMarcus Cousins' hand and you play for another team, specifically the Clippers, prepare to be left hanging. 

He's already scolded one teammate for trying to dap Chris Paul, so when it came to him, there was no chance he was going to slap hands with a Clipper.

During Friday's 104-98 Clipper win, Cousins knocked J.J. Redick to the ground. In a display of sportsmanship to say no hard feelings, Redick extended a hand. And Cousins gave him the ultimate cold shoulder, mixed with a "get the blank out of here with that" look. 

Redick's response is priceless, going from confused to "what's up with this guy?" in the span of 0.4 seconds. 


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