VIDEO: Draymond Green drops off a great no-look pass on the break

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is one of those guys that can run the point for your team for a couple minutes if you need him too. He has a great handle and nice passing abilities for a man his size. He allows you to have another facilitator on the floor at all times. 

Against the Portland Trail Blazers in the preseason, he showed off a bit of that ability on the fast break. While trying to race LaMarcus Aldridge to the hoop on a fast break, he used a bit of chicanery to get the trailing Klay Thompson an easy, uncontested bucket. As Aldridge went up to block what he assumed would be a shot attempt by Green, Draymond waited for the Blazers' big man to commit before dropping the ball off behind Aldridge's back. The momentum of the play took away any defense that could be played against Thompson.

That was pretty.

CBS Sports Writer

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