Video: Dwight Howard refuses to answer questions from Orlando reporter

Dwight Howard is no stranger to awkward interviews. And following the Lakers' loss on Sunday night to his old team, the Orlando Magic, Howard put another one on his resume.

Orlando TV reporter Dave Pingalore was in attendance and took the opportunity with Howard's post-game availability to ask him pretty straightforward questions about the thing we were all curious about. What was it like playing your former team? Was it emotional? Was there any trash talk with your old buddies?

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Visibly annoyed with the questions and giving two- or three-word reponses like, "It wasn't emotional," Howard finally said he wasn't answering any more Orlando questions.

"Next question," Howard responded after being asked about what the banter was like on the court between him and former teammates J.J. Redick and Jameer Nelson.

"You don't want to answer any of the questions then?" Pingalore asked.

"Not from you," Howard responded.

Awk. Ward.

Pingalore tried a new line of questioning later. Something Howard might be more open to talking about. How does he like Los Angeles?

"I love it," Howard deadpanned.

"Why you giving me the short answers?" Pingalore asked. Howard ignored that. A Lakers PR guy can be heard in the background saying, "Quit antagonizing, David." Which I guess meant, "Quit being a reporter from Orlando asking questions about things that are obviously relevant to the market you represent."


Now, keep in mind, Pingalore was very involved in reporting on the Dwightmare in Orlando, using anonymous sources all over the place, many of them totally wrong. And he was very involved in the infamously painful Stan Van Gundy/Dwight Howard press conference. So there's some history there. And, obviously, a bit of animosity.

Still: Howard might have said he has put everything behind him and that he's completely moved on, but evidently not. He's still holding grudges and still acting immature. In other words, even in a new city, he's still acting like Dwight Howard.

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