VIDEO: Dwyane Wade interviews LeBron James after 26th straight win

Often when a veteran's career is over in the NBA, they have a plethora of opportunities ahead of them to continue employment within the game. We've seen a number of players become assistant coaches, head coaches, scouts, front office executives, color commentators, studio analysts, radio show hosts, league executives, and even referees. 

Apparently, Dwyane Wade is working on his training for becoming a sideline reporter when his playing career is over. The Miami Heat beat the Charlotte Bobcats without the services of Wade. But he still found a way to contribute to the spectacle that is the Heat by taking over post-game duties from Jason Jackson.

There's a lot going on in this one minute video. 

We've got LeBron referring to Wade as "Wow," even though it's a horrendous nickname. We have Jason Jackson feeding Wade the question during the middle of the interview before Dwyane pushes him aside. Mike Miller puts a towel on LeBron, who then quickly knocks it away. Chris Bosh tries to chop a towel off of LeBron's shoulder and then bows to the camera.

Also, James speaks in clichés even to his friends.

When you've won 26 games in a row, I imagine chemistry is through the roof. Clearly, the Heat are having a lot of fun with each other during this run. Wade did a solid job as a sideline reporter, but he's no Dirk Nowitzki.

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