Video: Dwyane Wade on Letterman

Dwyane Wade joined "The Late Show with David Letterman" on Tuesday to talk about his new book. First off, how's the knee?

"Good to go," he said.

Wade of course had offseason knee surgery following the NBA Finals, which caused him to miss the Summer Olympics -- something he wasn't thrilled about, but something he saw as necessary.

"For me I had to think about the bigger picture and for me, I made a commitment to the Miami Heat, I made a commitment to my family, so I decided to go ahead and get healthy."

Wade was asked about Jeremy Lin and what he thought about Lin bursting on the scene.

"That was the biggest jump to celebrity I've ever seen in my life," Wade said. 

What did he think of Lin leaving New York though? Good thing, or bad?

"It's good for Houston," he said.

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