VIDEO: Dwyane Wade's free throw trick goes horribly wrong

You remember seeing the awesome game-winning 3-pointer by Jeff Green when the Boston Celtics defeated the Miami Heat last night? It was all Dwyane Wade's fault, probably.

The free throw video above was just a confusing decision by Wade attempting a little chicanery with his free attempt. With 0.6 seconds left in the game, Wade tried to throw the ball hard off the back iron so he could get the ball back and let time run out. Instead, he missed the rim completely and it was a violation that allowed the Celtics to advance the ball without any time left on the clock.

The thinking by Wade there is the Celtics can hit a three to tie it if they get the ball back with 0.6 seconds left. I guess the thinking was somewhat prescient considering Green knocked down a 3-pointer as time expired. From the Miami Herald:

“I was trying to hit the rim, and it didn’t go as planned,” Wade said of his intentional miss gone horribly wrong.

Said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra: “That clearly did not work.”

There just wasn't a reason for Wade to get cute with the attempt, even if it would have been regarded as a "savvy" play had it worked out. Just shoot the free throw and make them tie you. Don't give them a chance to beat you.

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