VIDEO: Dwyane Wade's knee collides with Paul George's head

During the fourth quarter of a sloppy, tough Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade was going for a loose ball with Indiana Pacers' forward Paul George. As George was going to the floor, Wade also started to fall as he attempted to avoid George and had his knee connect with the back of George's head. Both players went down in a heap and a timeout allowed them to collect themselves.

George was apparently a little woozy as he walked off the court, but he stayed in the game as play resumed. 

Wade also stayed in the game, but it might be time to start wondering if that knee might become a problem. He's had knee issues in the past that required extensive treatment during the playoffs last year as the Heat defended their title. While he was able to stay in the game, that kind of contact might be the bump that makes him start to swell up. 

As of right now, he's fine but it will be something to monitor prior to Game 3.

CBS Sports Writer

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