VIDEO: Five Kings fans sink halfcourt shots to win free season tickets

Something just feels poetic about this video of five Sacramento Kings fans making halfcourt shots to win free tickets. 

The team -- which of course is under new ownership and miraculously avoided being relocated -- held a promotional event where fans could attempt halfcourt shots with the chance to win free season tickets. A nice gesture, and a pretty low-risk move in terms of actually having to pay out. I mean, how many bros off the street are going to sink halfcourters?

Five did, actually. Five. One guy even made one throwing it over his head. Ron Swanson shakes his head at your halfcourt form, son

For some reason I get the feeling if the Maloofs still owned the team and tried this event, every shot would've ricocheted off the backboard and nailed each fan in the face. 

Instead, swish after swish after swish. 

It's a new era in Sacramento.

Via Deadspin

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