VIDEO: George Hill and Mike Scott scuffle during Hawks-Pacers Game 6

Toward the end of the second quarter in Game 6 between the Indiana Pacers and the Atlanta Hawks, George Hill and Mike Scott got tangled up on a battle for rebound positioning. Their arms got tangled and then Scott appeared to move Hill with an elbow to the back.

Hill took exception to the extra push and immediately got in the face of Scott. There was quite a bit of finger pointing and even a push or two between them before they were separated by teammates and the officials. Scott was issued a personal foul for the entanglement and both players were issued a technical foul for the extracurriculars. Hill missed both free throws after the foul.

The Hawks came down on the next possession after calling a timeout and hit a 3-pointer thanks to Lou Williams with 3.5 seconds left in the half. Hill responded by knocking down a deep three to beat the buzzer and redeem himself for the free throws he missed on the previous possession. 

It's worth noting that Paul George and Rasual Butler technically entered the floor when they weren't in the game during the bench by each putting a foot or two on the floor before remaining in the bench area. Rule 12, Section VII, Article (c) states:

"During an altercation, all players not participating in the game must remain in the immediate vicinity of their bench. Violators will be suspended, without pay, for a minimum of one game and fined up to $50,000."

Technically, George and Butler were in the immediate vicinity of their bench, but it will be up to the NBA to decide what that means in terms of the letter of the law and the spirit of what happened when enforcing or choosing not to enforce this penalty. Losing George for a potential Game 7 if the Pacers hold on to win Game 6 would be a huge handicap for them.

(Video via The Point Forward)

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