Video: George Hill's game-winner against the Lakers

With a little over 24 seconds left in the game, Kobe Bryant had just knocked down a 3-pointer to give himself a 40-point night when he had been suffering from the flu. The shot also tied the game at 77-77.

The Indiana Pacers used up all but one small tick on the clock on the next possession as George Hill ran a pick-and-pop play with David West at the top of the key. Hill drove down the right side after the pick, turned the corner on Pau Gasol and went high off the glass before Dwight Howard could rotate over to block it. The layup finally dropped with 0.1 seconds left on the clock and the Pacers got a big road victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Most glaring part of this play is I simply can't figure out what Pau Gasol was doing on the pick-and-roll coverage. He seemed too worried about getting back to West instead of trusting the rotations to be there. He was slow to slide over and cut off Hill as he drove down the right side, and it seemed like he had plenty of time to do it. Maybe he thought Dwight Howard was going to be there for the rotation so he was defending the backside of the play while Dwight had the front? Regardless, the rotation wasn't there on any end of it and Hill got the shot off.

The Lakers now fall back under .500 to 7-8 and the Pacers climb up to 7-8 with the victory.

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