VIDEO: Give Jrue Holiday the ball in the clutch, good things happen

This game-winning layup plus the foul was great execution by the New Orleans Pelicans, as they closed out a triple-overtime victory over the Chicago Bulls Monday night. With Joakim Noah defending Ryan Anderson and refusing to leave him at the top of the key (smart move by the way), it left Jrue Holiday with a wide-open lane to the basket as the rest of the Bulls players never helped. Taj Gibson was late coming over to the rescue because he wouldn't leave Al-Farouq Aminu in the corner. 

Next time you have Jrue Holiday strolling to the lane unabated, you should probably have someone step up earlier than when he's right at the basket. Overall, it was a rough night scoring for Holiday, who racked up 19 points on 22 shots. However, he did have 12 assists, eight rebounds, and two clutch shots. 

He also hit this jumper over Noah to send the game into its first overtime.

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