VIDEO: Heat's LeBron James does some rookie hazing on John Henson

You have to love the effort that Milwaukee Bucks rookie big man John Henson put in on this play, when he was forced to guard the best player in the world in an isolation set. Even though James blew by a flat-footed Henson, the rookie attempted to recover and even challenged the shot at the rim. 

The problem is LeBron James is still himself, so he was able to elevate quickly on the opposite side of the rim and dunk on the rookie before he could regain his full balance and truly challenge the dunk attempt. This is life in the NBA when trying to guard the Miami Heat. They take advantage of your mistakes and turn you into the bad end of a highlight.

And, just for good measure, let's throw in Dwyane Wade jumping the passing lane and throwing the low lob to LeBron on the break as he turns it inot a two-handed dunk. 

CBS Sports Writer

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