Video: Here are the only 10 good plays from the Bobcats' 2011-12 season

If somehow you could show someone this video of the Bobcats' top 10 plays from last season without them having any knowledge of the actual team's performance, they might think they were at least decent.

But nope. They weren't close to decent. They weren't even bad. They were all-time bad. As in 7-59, with a .106 winning percentage, the worst in NBA history.

I have to say, props to the NBA video employee that was able to find 10 plays from the Bobcats' 2011-12 season to even put the video together. The NBA does it for every team, and contrary to some opinion, the Bobcats are indeed still one of the NBA's 30 teams.

Not to just unnecessarily pile on, but these top 10 plays are pretty lame really. A fast break dunk from Corey Maggette? A one-handed dunk from Byron Mullens? In other words, I think these 10 plays pretty accurately summarize Charlotte's season when you consider these are the best of the best.

As Deadspin figured out, the Bobcats won three of the 10 games that are featured in this clip. Which honestly is a pretty terrific percentage for them. If they could've won 30 percent of all their games last season, they would've went 20-46. A 13-win improvement, or in Bobcat terms, a great freaking season.

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