VIDEO: Jamal Crawford's summer basketball exploits were fancy

It's no secret that Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford is a highlight reel waiting to happen. He's dazzled us for over a decade with quick crossovers, ice-skating defenders, and the "Shake and Bake" move that is arguably the greatest legal basketball move of all time. But in a more regimented style of play like the NBA, Crawford can't always just throw system to the wind and start dancing around his defenders like they're workout cones.

Put him in a pro-am league, more specifically his own pro-am league in Seattle, and you'll get to see a cascade of quick crossovers, behind-the-back moves, and an onslaught of buckets against helpless defenders. Crawford can easily battle Kevin Durant for king of the summer circuit just about any time the NBA offseason comes about and this year was no different. 

The video above is Crawford's exploits throughout the summer, captured in a compilation by Hard to pick a favorite highlight, but mine his probably him going with the Shake and Bake move into a fadeaway jumper. 

(H/T - Ball Don't Lie)

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