VIDEO: Jason Kidd learned his spilled drink trick from Del Harris

Jason Kidd's move to intentionally spill a drink to ice a free throw shooter and earn an extra little timeout was certainly a clever, heady move. It ended up costing him $50,000, but still, definitely creative.

But he didn't come up with it. 

As recalled by Mavs owner Mark Cuban, another coach tried the move a couple years ago while Kidd was playing for the Mavericks. In a tight game against the Bulls with Dirk Nowitzki at the free throw line looking to ice the game, Chicago assistant Del Harris spilled his ice. 

Didn't work against the Lakers with Jodie Meeks when Kidd tried it, and didn't work with Dirk years ago. But Harris definitely came out better than Kidd, because he wasn't 50 grand lighter in the wallet. 

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