Video: Jason Smith flagrantly fouls Blake Griffin

Jason Smith, you might be getting a call from Roger Goodell soon.

Oh that's right, Saints, not Hornets. But after Smith's absolutely ridiculous flagrant foul on Blake Griffin Thursday, it's understandable if you got the two confused. Must just be a New Orleans thing.

After the play, Chris Paul and Randy Foye and essentially the rest of the Clippers went to confront Smith, but he walked away eventually raising his hands to the crowd. Griffin, luckily, wasn't injured on the play.

It was clearly dirty, and completely ridiculous. Really no good excuse for it. Griffin gets under players' skin with his physicality, but to straight up charge him like that? You've got to love how he put his hands up after as if it was incidental. Almost makes it worse.

, Smith apologized to Griffin after the game. "I didn't want to give him an easy layup (but) there are a ton better ways to go about it," he said.

You can be sure Smith is going to be getting a call from the commissioner's office though. He received a Flagrant 2 foul, which is an automatic ejection. And I'd expect him to serve a suspension for that one.
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