Video: Jeff Teague recovers sideline to sideline for a three-point block vs. Celtics

Jeff Teague is another kind of animal in the playoffs. He had an impressive postseason last year vs. the Magic and Bulls, and has continued it early this year. In Game 2 against the Celtics, he made a desperation steal attempt on the weakide of Kevin Garnet. Garnett picked it up, and rotated the ball to the perimeter. It should have been a wide-open three to Teague's man in the corner. 

It wasn't.  

So that's well done.

So much to love about that clip. I'm torn between the guy patting his chest, and the lady going nuts with the pink pom-poms. 

Teague probably shouldn't have gone for that steal. But if you can make that kind of play in recovery, we'll let it slide. Yeesh, what a play.

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