VIDEO: Jeremy Lin puts on a show in Taipei

It's impossible to determine what reasonable expectations are for Rockets guard Jeremy Lin

From bench-scrub and near-waiver-wire-cut to mega-star in New York and hailed free agent on a huge contract, the whirlwind hasn't really stopped for him in two years. He's facing even higher expectations this season. His early struggles were exaggerated in Houston, his second-half success ignored. Then he was injured in the playoffs and limited due to Rockets coach Kevin McHale's need to get a defensive guard on the floor in the form of Patrick Beverley.

With the addition of Dwight Howard and the prospect of Houston becoming a legitimate contender, Lin's expected to have a huge season, and any limitations are going to be under the microscope, again. 

Saturday, Lin and the Rockets were in Taipei, Taiwan for an exhibition game against the Pacers. Lin had himself a little game, with 17 points on 6-of-8 shooting, four assists and three steals. And he looked pretty good. 

The floater at 20 seconds in over Hibbert looked particularly good. That floater is a huge component to his game. It uses his touch advantage which compensates for his athleticism and size. 

It's just a preseason game, and one in what was billed as his "ancestral home," (Lin was born in L.A.) but if we're looking for signs of success early in preseason, this showed quite a few.


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