VIDEO: Joakim Noah's PSA aims to stop violence in Chicago

The unusually high amount of senseless violence in Chicago caused Bulls center Joakim Noah to focus the mission of his foundation (Noah Arc's Foundation), on helping youth "avoid turning to violence and become conscious of their ability to make a positive impact in their community." Noah is practicing what he preaches and his foundation created a new PSA, which is being shown in Chicago, asking the city to "Rock Your Drop."

“Wearing the Drop means something, it’s a commitment to peace and a promise to spread the message,” said Noah in a statement. “When you wear it, you show the world that violence is our problem -- it’s not just a south side or a west side issue, it belongs to us all.”

Noah recruited Chicago Bears star Matt Forte and director Spike Lee for the PSA, which also features a voice-over by rapper/entertainer Common.

The "Drop" that Noah is asking Chicago to "Rock" is a "metal teardrop whose scarred surface recognizes the pain of losing someone to violence, while the precious metal and solid feel of the drop symbolize strength and commitment to positive change.”

You have to take your hat off to Noah for doing what he can to help address the issue of violence in Chicago. Noah's hard work paid off last season when he was awarded the 2014-15 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. However, the issue is ongoing and as this PSA shows, Noah won't stop working to help end violence in Chicago.

Joakim Noah is fed up with the violence in Chicago.
Joakim Noah is fed up with the violence in Chicago. (USATSI)
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