VIDEO: Joel Embiid says he will beat LeBron James one on one

While Joel Embiid may not even play this season, he is quite confident in his abilities. So confident that he thinks that he could beat LeBron James in a game of one on one.

In an ad for the app Game On, Embiid answer's a fan question about who would win in a game between him and James. He emphatically says that he would win. Before we start to criticize Embiid, in the same ad he says that he is "dating" Rihanna so we should take his answer with a grain of salt. But kudos to the rookies for being so confident. 

Embiid also shows his confidence in another ad for Game On, where he says that he is the biggest ladies man on the Sixers. Hopefully revealing this doesn't hurt his "relationship" with Rihanna. 

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