VIDEO: Joey Crawford ices Kevin Durant on key free throw

With 27.5 seconds left in overtime, the Oklahoma City Thunder were down 100-99 with Kevin Durant at the free throw line and the chance to tie it. Referee Joey Crawford gave Durant the ball, then possibly noticed an inaccuracy with the fouls listed on the scoreboard in the arena. He ran up to Durant, took the ball from the star, and went over to the scorers table to scold the board operator.

After he calmed down and allowed Durant to shoot his free throw, Durant missed the tying attempt and the Thunder eventually lost by that 100-99 score. You can't say Durant would definitely have tied the game if Crawford didn't interrupt him, but I tend to have faith in the rhythm of a career 88.2 percent free throw shooter.

Plus, I'm sure Crawford couldn't have remedied the scoreboard inconsistency after the foul shot was taken.

CBS Sports Writer

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