VIDEO: John Wall throws a full court alley-oop to himself, kind of

We all know Washington Wizards point guard John Wall is one of the fastest players in the NBA. The recently maxed out point guard is always in the conversation for the fastest players in the league and some think he's definitely the fastest guy from end to end with the ball in his hands. But is he fast enough to throw a full court alley-oop pass to himself and catch it before it bounces like we see in the video above?

I believe we've got a little bit of a camera/editing trick going on in this video. I don't want to call John Wall's video a liar, but this video doesn't exactly seem real.

It looks a lot like those old Powerade commercials from about a little over a decade ago. They had one with Michael Vick when he was the new quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. He was knocking receivers over with his throws like he was Henry Rowengartner.  

They also had one a little later on in which LeBron James was taking 3/4 court and full court jumpers like it was nothing. There was quite a bit of chicanery with the cutting of the film to make it look like these were real feats of athleticism and awesomeness. 

There's just no way LeBron James was able to make those shots with such little effort and to do it with such incredible success. I mean have you ever seen LeBron James defy the odds like that before?

OK, maybe the LeBron James video commercial was real...

(John Wall video via Dime Magazine)

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