VIDEO: J.R Smith messes with Vince Carter's headband in-game, denies it

I'm starting to think that in school, New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith was the reason "keep all hands, feet, and objects to yourself" was implemented. After his famous shoelace-untying streak, Smith picked up Monday night by messing with Vince Carter's headband. 

And of course, after the game, Smith denied it, because, of course. From CBS New York

“No, your eyes were playing tricks on you,” he said with a laugh after the game. “You’re reaching for that one. I already got fined once for that s—.”

via WATCH: J.R. Smith Pulls Down Vince Carter’s Headband, Then Denies It « CBS New York.

If this were grade school, which is basically what the Knicks' season has become, he'd be getting detention from the bus driver. 

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