VIDEO: Kevin Durant awarded 2014 Most Valuable Player award

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Kevin Durant was named the 2014 NBA MVP Tuesday, and in an emotional, high-production affair in Oklahoma City, Durant accepted the award. 

And by emotional, we mean emotional. It was like a screening of "The Fault in our Stars." Here's video. Scroll down if you want to get to the meat, him thanking Russell Westbrook, and in the 8th video, a super-teary personal acknowledgment of his mother. 

Introductions and a powerful tribute video: 

Acknowledgement of KD, and Sam Presti speaks: 

Scott Brooks on the player he's coached as long as he's been a head coach:

Durant receives the MVP: 

KD thanks his teammates, including Derek Fisher, Caron Butler and Kendrick Perkins:

On his teammates, including an emotional shoutout to Russell Westbrook, and individual thank-yous and gratitude toward teammates, one-by-one. 

An incredible moment as Durant thanks his mother for everything she's done for him. 

KD thanks the Oklahoman for the "Mr. Unreliable" headline. 

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